Isolated Acoustics

The space is constructed with acoustical ceiling tile, flooring and wall treatments, so every exercise area and fitness room has its own private system. This means hearing only the music or sound within the given environment without any distractions.


Savant™ IPad System

This Apple®-based platform cohesively controls heating and cooling, audio/video, digital display and the media integration within the entire facility.


Supports a Healthier Environment

The main tile throughout the entry is recycled glass. Recycling bins are dispersed throughout the gym. Filtered water fountains have a tap so refilling water bottles is effortless and quick. There is a mix of fluorescent and LED lights throughout. The facility will aim to minimize paper output at all times.


Rain Showers

These are mounted in each of the custom-designed showers, in addition to wall-mounted shower heads.


The Most Luxurious Amenities

Guests will experience the best in beauty and grooming with products provided by BeeKind by Gilchrist & Soames. The products are 100% organic and a portion of their net profits support honey bee and pollination research. We use the leading professional hair tool innovator SalonTech™. Guests will also have the option to heat the plush oversized towels.


Little O’s

Babysitting available every weekday from 8am – 12pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 8am – 11am in a bright, action packed TV free room.