The O Bar is open daily to members and non-members and has the same regularly scheduled hours as Oxygen Fitness. Beverage ingredients are organic and all drinks are made to order. Cleanses are available and are best ordered in advance. Please call the O Bar for more information at .


Why try an O Cleanse?

Whether it’s something you read about your favorite celebrity doing, a way to break your body’s dependence on non-foods that dictate your mood, energy, and insulin levels throughout the course of the day, or a much needed rest for your digestive system, all the benefits of cleanses are the same!


You will have:

  • increased energy due to stable insulin levels
  • improved mental clarity
  • less bloat due to constipation and food intolerance
  • eliminated toxins and impurities from your body


Freshly made, bottled and easy to order ahead of time:

  • Cleanses are available daily for 3-5 days
  • O Bar opens at 5:00am during the week and 7:00am on weekends
  • Customization is optional