CrossFit New Canaan is scaleable to all abilities: beginner to advanced, women and men/young and old. All are welcome and first timers are encouraged to come and will be closely assisted. CrossFit is a core to extremity, full bodied functional movement program. Functional movements are used in everyday life – movements we already do.

CrossFit tends to take movements from many different areas of fitness. All kinds of body weight movements are incorporated such as pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, situps, box jumps, running, rowing and jumping rope. Kettlebells and dumbbells are used to perform more technical weighted movements or to scale up basic movements like squatting and lunging. CrossFit also uses barbell moves as power lifting and Olympic lifts play a huge role in our strength gains. Different gymnastic patterns like handstand holds and other technical ring work like forward and reverse levers are sometimes practiced during a workout. Anything and everything that is functional in fitness, like squatting, pushing and pulling, is all part of CrossFit.


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Workout of the Day

“The 405”


50 wallballs

50 DB snatches

5 full length stairs

30 wallballs

30 DB clean and press each way

3 full stairs

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Why CrossFit?

What If I'm Nervous To Try CrossFit?

Functional Movements