medicine ball slam alternatives

10 Effective Medicine Ball Slam Alternatives You Should Try

Are you looking for alternatives to medicine ball slams because of limited space, equipment, or shoulder issues? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will discover alternatives that provide similar benefits to medicine ball slams.  They are perfect for injured individuals, those with limited space, or anyone seeking a more functional training approach with

face pull alternatives

Top 8 Face Pull Exercise Alternatives & Subtitles

Can you build a healthy upper back and shoulders without face pulls? Or are you stuck, sliding towards injury with flaccid rotator cuff muscles? We’re talking about the best face pull alternatives, what they train, and how you can get the same benefits with other exercises. Essentials: What Does The Face Pull Train? How Do The

battle rope alternative exercises

The 10 Best Battle Rope Alternative Exercises 

Battle ropes are a versatile exercise tool for total body strength and conditioning! But what if you can’t access a gym with a rope or a reasonable workout area in your house? Don’t Worry! Many battle rope alternatives can provide a similar workout using body weight, weights, or cardio equipment.  This blog will outline the

pec deck fly alternatives

Top 11 Pec Deck Alternatives To Build A Huge Chest

What can I use instead of a pec deck? You can easily replace the pec deck with a cable crossover or single-arm cable exercises. It’s also possible to use bodyweight, resistance band, or free weight exercises to replace the pec deck and still build a huge chest. A pec deck is a convenient machine, but

machine high row alternatives

Top 8 Machine High Row Alternatives & Subtitles

The machine high row is one of the most popular weight machines at the gym for building a bigger back. It’s a mixture of pulldown and row, giving you double value for your time. Because it’s so good, many people need to know machine high row alternatives – what if your gym doesn’t have one?

dumbbell chest fly alternatives

Top 5 Dumbbell Chest Fly Alternatives That Work

When you start going to the gym, you do the basics: squat, bench, dumbbell presses, and the dreaded dumbbell chest flyes. Chest flyes tend to hurt your shoulders, the form is hard to maintain, and they’re unbearably humbling! So, let us look at some replacements that’ll do the job just as well.  * Note! If

best lunges alternatives

Top 5 Better Alternatives to Lunges for Bad Knees

It is estimated that a staggering 25% of all adults suffer from some kind of knee pain or instability. With that in mind, should you do lunges if you have bad knees? And if not, what is a good alternative for lunges? Let’s find out.  1. Single Leg Press When looking at what the lunge trains, it

best step up exercise alternatives

Top 5 Step Up Alternative Exercises

If you are looking for exercises that target the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps as effectively as step-ups, you are in the right place. This blog shows you some step-up alternatives that will challenge your muscles, keep your workout routine interesting, and could be a better choice for you. We love to keep you safe and

trap bar deadlift alternatives

Top 7 Trap Bar Deadlift Alternatives

The trap bar deadlift is a hip-dominant exercise that targets the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. These posterior-chain muscles are vital for explosive movements like sprints and jumps. No surprise this is an excellent addition to many strength and conditioning programs. The trap bar deadlift is a shoulder-friendly variant, but it’s not the only

incline bench press alternatives

Top 7 Incline Bench Press Alternatives For Upper Chest

The incline bench press targets the upper chest muscles, with both shoulders and triceps helping. While the exercises suggested below target the same (or similar) muscles, each movement is unique and offers different benefits. In the event of current or past injuries that ordinarily make the exercises difficult to perform, simple modifications in training can