dumbbell hip thrust

Dumbbell Hip Thrust With Perfect Form (& Common Mistakes)

Dumbbell Hip Thrust is an exercise that enforces our ability to extend the hips and build strength and muscle mass in the glutes!  Let me show you step-by-step the correct dumbbell hip thrusts, their benefits, and the most valuable tips to make the most of it in your workout routine! What Muscles Do Dumbbell Hip

how to do hip thrusts at home

How To Do Hip Thrusts At Home Without a Bench

It’s time for some booty workouts! Let me show you some hip thrust variations at home, how to do them safely, and what you can use instead of a bench! What To Use Instead Of A Bench? There are various furniture and equipment that you can use at home instead of a bench, including: Household

hack squat foot placements

Hack Squat Foot Placements: Muscles Worked, Pros & Cons

The hack squat is a perfect exercise to target your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.  However, did you know that your foot stance can impact which muscles work dominantly during the exercise? This article will reveal the hack squat foot stances and how they affect your muscles. But before I do that, let’s briefly explain a