pec deck fly alternatives

Top 11 Pec Deck Alternatives To Build A Huge Chest

What can I use instead of a pec deck? You can easily replace the pec deck with a cable crossover or single-arm cable exercises. It’s also possible to use bodyweight, resistance band, or free weight exercises to replace the pec deck and still build a huge chest. A pec deck is a convenient machine, but

back exercises with bench and dumbbells

Top 6 Back Exercises with a Bench & Dumbbells

A humble pair of dumbbells and a punching bag is all that Rocky needed to get jacked, so you can surely make some gains with them. Add a bench, and you get great stability, making the whole process much easier! 1. Seal Row Seal Row is a peculiar name for one of the best back

machine high row alternatives

Top 8 Machine High Row Alternatives & Subtitles

The machine high row is one of the most popular weight machines at the gym for building a bigger back. It’s a mixture of pulldown and row, giving you double value for your time. Because it’s so good, many people need to know machine high row alternatives – what if your gym doesn’t have one?

best single leg exercises

Top 10 Single-Leg Exercises for Strength, Mass & Athleticism

Humans move one leg at a time. If you’re not developing single-leg strength, you’re missing out on some of the most versatile and high-value exercises. You’re opening yourself up to some glaring weaknesses as well. In this article, we’re discussing 10 of our favorite single-leg exercises to build muscle and strength while becoming a more

upper chest dumbbell exercises

Top 9 Upper Chest Dumbbell Exercises & Workout

Many exercises target the chest, but most place more emphasis on the lower and middle chest. In this article, we will be taking a look at upper chest dumbbell exercises that you can insert into your training program.  This article has nine upper chest exercises you can do with just a pair of dumbbells. As

low back dumbbell exercises

Top 9 Low Back Dumbbell Exercises & Workout

You don’t need a barbell to build a thicker, stronger back.  Today, we’re looking at the best low back dumbbell exercises you can use to build mass and strength with dumbbells.  We’ll be using some of the unique properties of dumbbells and getting great variety, so let’s jump into it.  How Your Lower Back Works

dumbbell chest fly alternatives

Top 5 Dumbbell Chest Fly Alternatives That Work

When you start going to the gym, you do the basics: squat, bench, dumbbell presses, and the dreaded dumbbell chest flyes. Chest flyes tend to hurt your shoulders, the form is hard to maintain, and they’re unbearably humbling! So, let us look at some replacements that’ll do the job just as well.  * Note! If

landmine leg exercises

Top 7 Landmine Leg Exercises for Lower Body Workout

Landmine exercises are a fantastic way to utilize a T-bar attachment. The most common landmine exercises target the back and shoulders. In this article, we will be looking at seven landmine leg exercises that you can add to your training program. Landmine Leg Exercises For all of these exercises, you are going to need a

best lunges alternatives

Top 5 Better Alternatives to Lunges for Bad Knees

It is estimated that a staggering 25% of all adults suffer from some kind of knee pain or instability. With that in mind, should you do lunges if you have bad knees? And if not, what is a good alternative for lunges? Let’s find out.  1. Single Leg Press When looking at what the lunge trains, it

single dumbbell exercises

One-Dumbbell Workout: 9 Single Dumbbell Exercises You Should Do

You don’t need anything to get in shape, build muscle, or lose fat. If you have a healthy body and enough space to raise your arms overhead, you can transform your body and health. Today, though, we’re not discussing bodyweight workouts. We’re looking at a one-dumbbell workout and what you can do with a single dumbbell to