medicine ball slam alternatives

10 Effective Medicine Ball Slam Alternatives You Should Try

Are you looking for alternatives to medicine ball slams because of limited space, equipment, or shoulder issues? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will discover alternatives that provide similar benefits to medicine ball slams.  They are perfect for injured individuals, those with limited space, or anyone seeking a more functional training approach with

workout splits for women

6 Different Workout Splits For Women + Tips

Ladies, lifting weights while following a well-structured workout split routine can be your secret weapon to tone and sculpt your body without adding bulk. I’ve spent several hours researching, studying, and training at the gym, trying different workout splits to find the best and most effective ones for women like us. And now, I’m thrilled

ramp warm up for strength training

RAMP Warm-Up For Strength Training (with Examples)

Skipping your warm-up or only doing a few light reps before lifting heavy weights can hinder your lifting potential (performance), put you at high risk of injury, and might leave you too sore for the gym the next day. But we won’t let a lack of preparation hold you back from reaching your lifting goals!

best triceps exercises for women

Top 8 Effective Triceps Exercises For Women (Workout Included)

The triceps, also known as the three-headed arm muscle, is located in the back of your upper arm. Some individuals, especially women, may be concerned about the excess fat and flabby skin covering this muscle, commonly called ‘bingo wings.’ Even the skin loses elasticity over time, and embracing body positivity is important; we understand the

dumbbell hip thrust

Dumbbell Hip Thrust With Perfect Form (& Common Mistakes)

Dumbbell Hip Thrust is an exercise that enforces our ability to extend the hips and build strength and muscle mass in the glutes!  Let me show you step-by-step the correct dumbbell hip thrusts, their benefits, and the most valuable tips to make the most of it in your workout routine! What Muscles Do Dumbbell Hip

how to do hip thrusts at home

How To Do Hip Thrusts At Home Without a Bench

It’s time for some booty workouts! Let me show you some hip thrust variations at home, how to do them safely, and what you can use instead of a bench! What To Use Instead Of A Bench? There are various furniture and equipment that you can use at home instead of a bench, including: Household

hip flexor pain when squatting

How To Fix Hip Flexor Pain When Squatting

Hip (flexor) pain is characterized by a sharp or pinging sensation in the front of the hips, particularly when reaching the bottom position of the squat. Many people assume that a “tight” hip flexor is the reason for their pain. But this ‘self-diagnosis’ is often made without proper assessment. While tightness in the hip flexor

what day should i do deadlifts

Deadlifts on Back or Leg Day: Debunking the Myth

Should you include deadlifts on your back or leg day? What day should you do deadlifts for best results? This blog post will provide all the necessary information to clear any doubts & guide you toward making an instructed decision for your upcoming workout.  Understanding Deadlifts: Is It a Back or Leg Exercise? Deadlift is

hack squat foot placements

Hack Squat Foot Placements: Muscles Worked, Pros & Cons

The hack squat is a perfect exercise to target your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.  However, did you know that your foot stance can impact which muscles work dominantly during the exercise? This article will reveal the hack squat foot stances and how they affect your muscles. But before I do that, let’s briefly explain a

battle rope alternative exercises

The 10 Best Battle Rope Alternative Exercises 

Battle ropes are a versatile exercise tool for total body strength and conditioning! But what if you can’t access a gym with a rope or a reasonable workout area in your house? Don’t Worry! Many battle rope alternatives can provide a similar workout using body weight, weights, or cardio equipment.  This blog will outline the