good morning vs rdl

Good Mornings Vs. RDLs For Bodybuilding: Which One is Better?

The worst feeling in bodybuilding is working hard for weeks and not seeing growth because you used the wrong exercise.  Don’t bomb on the body’s biggest muscles. You should build your glutes with the most powerful exercise – but is that the good morning or RDL? Read on so this article can give you the best

sore quads after squats

Why Are My Quads Sore After Doing Squats (Not My Glutes)? 

Some soreness after squatting is often a natural side-effect, indicating a beneficial muscle adaptation process rather than an injury. However, excessive or persistent pain may indicate issues with recovery or technique. Knowing what level of soreness is normal helps determine appropriate next steps. Dive into this blog for a detailed breakdown of squat mechanics, reasons,

knee pain when squatting

Knees Hurt When Squatting: Causes & Treatment (Functional Approach)

Knee pain while squatting is often the response to compensatory movements that occur over time, such as mobility restrictions and strength imbalances. Our body works in a chain-like manner, meaning if one muscle doesn’t do its function, others will take over its role. Of course, that muscle has a very different purpose, so it can

shoulder pain when squatting

How To Fix Shoulder Pain While Squatting

While squats primarily target the lower-body muscles and core, the shoulders play a crucial role in stabilizing the barbell during back squats.  Although more severe factors can lead to shoulder pain, it’s most commonly caused by faulty shoulder mechanics, mobility restrictions, weaknesses, poor technique, repetitive use without appropriate rest, and poor postural habits! Therefore, remedies

bodyweight lat exercises

Top 6 Bodyweight Lat Exercises At Home (No Equipment)

We understand your frustration about busy schedules, costly gym membership, and lack of equipment when it comes to achieving a strong and defined back. Say hi to your dream back with our top 6 bodyweight lat exercises. This blog is your step-by-step guide with correct exercise techniques and modifications. Top 6 Bodyweight Lat Exercises Here

lower body pull exercises

11 Best Lower Body Pull Exercises (With a Sample Workout Plan)

Get ready; our 11 best lower-body pull exercises and killer workout plan will make your legs feel pumped. But first, let’s break down the science behind these moves. Understanding Lower-body Pull Exercises Lower body pull exercises primarily engage the post-chain muscles, including the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back (erector spinae). They are crucial for several

best stretches before squats

9 Best Stretches To Do Before (& After) Squats

 1. Squat to Overhead Reach This full-body dynamic stretch mimics the movement of squatting while also working the upper body. It improves balance and coordination while getting you ready for squatting.  How to 2. Leg Swings Leg swings particularly focus on your lower body, stretching the calf, quadriceps, hamstrings, and groin muscles.  How to  3. Deep

cable glute exercises

The Only 8 Cable Exercises For Glutes You Need

If your glutes aren’t growing, it’s time to add cable exercises for glutes – the solution to your small butt or growth plateau. We’re showing you how to build a better butt with cable machines using 8 of the best cable glute exercises, including how to perform, progress, and why we love them. Essentials: Building Glutes With

medicine ball slam alternatives

10 Effective Medicine Ball Slam Alternatives You Should Try

Are you looking for alternatives to medicine ball slams because of limited space, equipment, or shoulder issues? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will discover alternatives that provide similar benefits to medicine ball slams.  They are perfect for injured individuals, those with limited space, or anyone seeking a more functional training approach with

workout splits for women

6 Different Workout Splits For Women + Tips

Ladies, lifting weights while following a well-structured workout split routine can be your secret weapon to tone and sculpt your body without adding bulk. I’ve spent several hours researching, studying, and training at the gym, trying different workout splits to find the best and most effective ones for women like us. And now, I’m thrilled