cable exercises for chest

8 Best Cable Exercises For Chest (Workout Included)

Is your chest small and weak? Does it disappear when you put on a medium T-shirt? Our cable chest exercises and workout are here to help you build bigger pecs with constant tension. We’re going to teach you how to: Let’s start with a quick primer on why you should use cable exercises for your chest… Why Should

deadlift accessory exercises

Top 10 Deadlift Accessory Exercises for a Big Pull!

If you’ve got a weak deadlift, you’re a weak person.  It’s the biggest test of strength – and you’re lagging behind.  It doesn’t just make you look bad. Deadlifting wrong also means missing out on huge gains and putting yourself at risk of back injury. We’re fixing that right now – discussing the best deadlift accessory exercises for a

short head bicep exercises

Top 7 Short Head Bicep Exercises For Wider Arms

Don’t be fooled by the name; the short head of the bicep is big.  It’s one of the biggest factors in the width of your upper arm. Big short-head biceps make you look thicker and more impressive, even in a shirt. Today, we’re focusing on short head bicep exercises for wider arms so you can

face pull alternatives

Top 8 Face Pull Exercise Alternatives & Subtitles

Can you build a healthy upper back and shoulders without face pulls? Or are you stuck, sliding towards injury with flaccid rotator cuff muscles? We’re talking about the best face pull alternatives, what they train, and how you can get the same benefits with other exercises. Essentials: What Does The Face Pull Train? How Do The

leaning forward during squat

Leaning Forward During The Squat: Fixing Squat Form For Stronger Legs

Excessive leaning forward in a squat makes it feel gross, increases injury risk, and needlessly limits the weight you can lift. The real problem is that this is a common issue that you’re probably dealing with. Most people still need to work on this issue or refine their technique, even past the novice stage. For

dumbbell hip thrust

Dumbbell Hip Thrust With Perfect Form (& Common Mistakes)

Dumbbell Hip Thrust is an exercise that enforces our ability to extend the hips and build strength and muscle mass in the glutes!  Let me show you step-by-step the correct dumbbell hip thrusts, their benefits, and the most valuable tips to make the most of it in your workout routine! What Muscles Do Dumbbell Hip

how to do hip thrusts at home

How To Do Hip Thrusts At Home Without a Bench

It’s time for some booty workouts! Let me show you some hip thrust variations at home, how to do them safely, and what you can use instead of a bench! What To Use Instead Of A Bench? There are various furniture and equipment that you can use at home instead of a bench, including: Household

dumbbell glute exercises

Top 10 Dumbbell Glute Exercises

Are you stuck with weak, small glutes and poor performance? Today we’re discussing the best dumbbell glute exercises for building muscle, strength, and power. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the tools you need to build a better butt with only dumbbells. 1. Frog Pump The frog pump looks strange, but it’s one of

hip flexor pain when squatting

How To Fix Hip Flexor Pain When Squatting

Hip (flexor) pain is characterized by a sharp or pinging sensation in the front of the hips, particularly when reaching the bottom position of the squat. Many people assume that a “tight” hip flexor is the reason for their pain. But this ‘self-diagnosis’ is often made without proper assessment. While tightness in the hip flexor

what day should i do deadlifts

Deadlifts on Back or Leg Day: Debunking the Myth

Should you include deadlifts on your back or leg day? What day should you do deadlifts for best results? This blog post will provide all the necessary information to clear any doubts & guide you toward making an instructed decision for your upcoming workout.  Understanding Deadlifts: Is It a Back or Leg Exercise? Deadlift is